experienced and Reliable capital advisors,  delivering Optimal financing solutions


The team has over 50 years experience combined of direct lending experience at debt funds, commercial banks, ABL/structured finance companies, and hedge funds. The managing directors at RSV have invested more than $500M in over 200 technology and life sciences companies. Our professional experience enables us to help companies navigate the disparate number of capital providers that have emerged over the last 5 years.

Right Side Ventures


RSV offers hands-on support for capital raising activities related to corporate ‚Äčinitiatives.

Right Side Ventures offers significant experience in the specialty debt market for sponsored-backed technology and life sciences companies. We deliver optimal financing results in a timely manner. We are well-organized and connected to a significant lender/ investor network. This allows us to run a disciplined, efficient and more certain fund raising process.

What we do

Who we Help 

Our clients generate revenues ranging from $5MM to $100MM and produce EBITDA ranging from EBITDA negative (venture debt) to $20MM+. We look for companies with intrinsic value, a well thought out business model, strong management teams, and a solid competitive position. Additionally, we work with our clients to structure transactions that are appropriate and acceptable, but also provide demonstrable downside protection for potential lenders/investors.